The Exorcist Stairs

The exorcist stairs in 
Georgetown overlooks M Street from Prospect Street. When the author William Peter Blattay was an undergrad at Georgetown he was asked to carry a file, concerning the 1949 exorcism of child in nearby Cottage City Maryland, from one building to another. Blattay stopped and read the file at the top of the stairs and later included the site in his book and still later in the film. The 75 stairs are the equivalent of a five story building and are steeper than they appear. There is no home located near the steps, only a building to the left, which was once a bus round about. Up until the mid-1950s, black people riding the bus from DC into Virginia, had to reseat themselves in the roundabout and take the seats in the back of the bus. As far as I know the property is now the home of Spanish Military Attaché.